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Recovery Coaching: Quote
Sat on the Rocks

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Helen Keller

Recovery Coaching Tool

While based in the the use of Deep Listening and Powerful Questions, Recovery Coaching places a premium on the creation of a safe and trusting atmosphere that invites clients to insightfully self assess, identifying strengths, capacities, potential and hope as well as potentially engage in honest and transparent conversations with loved one's regarding the impact of Substance Use Disorder....a conversation that for many has historically been marked by anger, fear, frustration and ambivalence. 


I invite my client to engage with a series of Coaching Tools that have proven to assist in the creation of a safe, trusting and inclusive environment as well as aiding greatly in a coaching process that always models and honors a Strength Based Perspective!


Conversational Intelligence® 



The the use of this groundbreaking modality, my clients gain powerful insights into their Neurochemistry of Conversations® and insight and mastery over embodying behaviors that engender Trust/Safety/Inclusion within their personal and family relationships.

The Peoplemap™ System

The PeopleMap is designed to develop your "people" skills. These skills apply to all areas of your life – at work, home and all your relationships. This fun, simple and easy to use program gives you a "map" that creates effective relationships, helps you solve conflict and work with others to reach your goals.  My clients gain insight into their Inherent Skills, Potential "Achillies Heel," Inherent Leadership Style and Inherent Communication Style.

VIA Character Strengths



Your character strengths are the qualities that come most naturally to you. Every individual possesses all 24 character strengths in different degrees, giving each person a unique character profile. When you know your strengths, you can improve your life and thrive. Research reveals that people who use their strengths a lot are 18x more likely to be flourishing than those who do not use their strengths.



Are you an Individual who is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder who is seeking to create your own unique and highly effective Pathway of Recovery?


No one has written the definitive book on what recovery should look like for everyone. As your Recovery Coach I will honor your complete autonomy to define, envision and create a recovery pathway that is highly meaningful to you. Starting with an approach that will assist you in identifying your inherent strengths and building upon a Multiple Pathways of Recovery perspective, you will immediately begin to identify very specific and relevant action steps that that result in the creation of your own unique brand of recovery.


As your Recovery Coach, I can work in tandem with established recovery supports that you already engage with and/or support you in identifying the pathways of support that would "speak to you." I will help you identify your "readiness for change." You lead this conversation....and working together, you will build your Internal and External Recovery Capital!


My Recovery "Coach Approach" is built on the most up to date Evidence Based Modalities including Motivational Interviewing, Conversational Intelligence as well as our growing understand and appreciation for the impact of stigma. Substance Use Disorder is a highly stigmatized condition, and you deserve a Recovery Coach who is highly skilled in assisting you in establishing a strong and lasting recovery that honors the sheer complexity of the onset, progression and recovery from this neurologically based disease. 


I trust that there is no one more motivated to find recovery than you!!



Are you a Family Member, Friend or Ally...someone who loves a person struggling with Substance Use Disorder?


Are you tired of being told by helping people that you need to stop being "codependent" and an "enabler?"


I do not know if there is a more complex relational experience than loving someone with every fiber of your being who is struggling with an active Substance Use Disorder! And yet, within the established treatment and recovery world, many parents and family members have been met with judgment, shaming, and stigma, three concepts that are inherent in the use of simplistic explanations such as co dependence and enabling. Traditional interventions that have been directed toward family members such as "detachment" and "tough love" do not honor the complexity of your relationship with your family member who is coping with an active Substance Use Disorder.


My coaching with family members who are impacted by a loved one's substance use disorder will focus on you coming to feel more effective in your interaction. We will identify methods of communication that invite you to speak your truth while also keeping a strong focus on your need for self care. Although you might not always feel this way, as a family member, you are in a position to be one of the strongest and most effective resources in your family members life.


Pulling from our understanding of Effective Communication, Conversational Intelligence, Stages of Change, the creation of Healthy and Clear Boundaries and Motivational Interviewing, our coaching together will focus on creating a line of communication with your family member that is honest, candid, transparent and loving. 


I am honored to coach with individuals who want to become more effective and influential partners in their loved one’s ongoing battle with Substance Use Disorder and early recovery, creating and maintaining  healthy boundaries that allow you to also focus on your health and wellness. 

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Recovery Coaching

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