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Sat on the Rocks

My Coaching Style

I am passionate about the coaching conversation!

I have had the privilege and honor of working as an Executive and Recovery Coach, Clinical  Social Worker, Family Therapist, School Social Worker and Addiction Specialist over a career that has spanned 39 years. My coaching is grounded in a strength base and inquiry orientation as I partner with my clients in the co-creation of an agenda that facilitates learning and personal growth. Through enhanced personal awareness and the generation of specific and measurable action steps, my clients develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors. The result is not only improved performance, but an enhanced sense of connection between their professional and personal lives.

My strength based perspective on creating change and difference in one's life begins with a deeply held belief that my clients are inherently creative, whole, resourceful and brilliant about their own lives. It is my clients themselves that are their own best resource in their lives.  The work I do as an Executive and Recovery Coach  is augmented by my extensive experience as a clinical social worker and family therapist.  These two helping disciplines have provided me with a profound appreciation for the complexities of the many contexts and relationships that impact our lives.

I possess an innate and genuine curiosity regarding the complexities of the human condition and the challenges one must take on to move their lives forward in a manner that honors their values and vision. While any type of personal development work is not for the "feint of heart," I try to bring a sense of balance, appreciation and humor to my coaching. 

My Coaching Style: About Me
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