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Keynote Speaking

Leveraging over 39 years of extensive and varied clinical, coaching and personal development experience, I am a highly skilled and sought-after Keynote Speaker known for my passion, knowledge and humor,

I would be honored to work closely with your organization to create the topic and messaging that meets your needs and will inform, inspire and entertain your audience. 

My areas of expertise include but are not limited to: 

Leadership Development

Effective Communication 

The Neuro-Chemistry of Trust 

Coaching Principles and Practice

Recovery Coaching

Team Building 

Substance Use Disorder Issues 

Individual and Family Recovery 

Stigma and Language 

Family Systems Thinking 

Engaging Family Members 

Adolescent Development

Parent as Coach

Individual/Organizational Wellness & Transition


Behavioral Health Agencies Response to Suicide and Overdose Loss.

Keynote: Service
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