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The Helping Conversation Podcast

Welcome to The Helping Conversation: An exploration and celebration of the practice, art and science of facilitating trusting, safe, inclusive and effective helping conversations with others.


Defined as any conversation that "focuses on supporting a person in the moment, and/or, supporting the overall growth and development of a person, group or organization," the Helping Conversation is at the core of that sacred partnership between two or more people or a person and an organization when one has been asked, agrees to, or is empowered to help another.

Not only the domain of traditional helping professions such as counseling or coaching, this podcast will introduce you to individuals from a variety of walks of life including business owners, leaders, teachers, advisors, entrepreneurs, clergy, community leaders, parents and others, who have successfully and effectively utilized their own unique brand of The Helping Conversation to support people and organizations in being their best.

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The Helping Conversation

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