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About Me


I am profoundly honored to work with people and organizations who are passionate about creating lives that are highly meaningful and fulfilling. My relationship with my clients is guided by an unwavering belief that all people are the experts on their own lives and are ultimately capable of designing and charting a direction for their future. By tapping into their own brilliance and sense of personal power, my clients are empowered to create, and successfully achieve, personal and professional goals that not only lead to sustained and lasting change, but are clearly aligned with their values, dreams and aspirations.


Passionate about the practice, art and science of the coaching conversation and inherently curious regarding the many ways in which people ultimately create satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning in their lives, I leverage over 42 years of experience as an Executive Coach with an expertise in Leadership Development, Recovery Coach, School Social Worker, Family Therapist, Addictions Specialist and Trainer toward my compassionate, creative and influential work with individuals, families, organizations and businesses. 

I am a graduate of The Syracuse University School of Social Work and The Institute For Life Coach Training and am recognized by The International Coach Federation (I.C.F.) as a Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.). I am Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, Progressive Recovery Coaching and PeopleMap Coaching and Training.

Coaching & Training Services

Transforming Next Generation Leadership: 

The “Conversationally Intelligent Leadership Process”

Does your professional vision include becoming a highly effective, sought after and admired Leader?

Are you ready to engage in the Training and Executive Coaching required to make  your vision a reality?

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching will kick-start the development and achievement of your personal and professional vision.  My job as your coach will be to provide a high level of accountability and honor the agenda you have set forth. You will identify strengths and resources and I will challenge you to never settle for less!

Recovery Coaching

Looking to create a Pathway of Recovery that is deeply meaningful, long lasting and unique to you? 

Are you a Family Member or Loved One that wants to feel more effective and honest in how you speak with your loved one who is struggling with Substance Use Disorder?

Conversational Intelligence® – The New Language of Success

Underneath Great Leaders Is A Foundation Of Trust  

Conversational Intelligence®

"To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships,  which depends on the quality of conversations....Everything happens through conversation!"

-Judith E. Glaser- 

Conversational Intelligence® is a revolutionary body of work leveraging the power of neuroscience to create profound and lasting transformation for
individuals, teams and entire organizational cultures.

What Clients are saying!

Keith is an amazing professional with deep knowledge of family systems, and a passion for evidence-based and client centered care. He has recently worked with our leadership team at Rochester Regional CD to develop perspectives that will foster better engagement with the families of our clients in CD treatment. With Keith's help, we are well on our journey towards a change in culture that will empower staff and clients to achieve better outcomes.

 Janice Holmes Leonardi, Director of Chemical Dependency Services

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

Contact Me

Telephone: 585-764-9431

Fax: 585-486-1428

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